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MARCH 2017

30 March, Stockholm (SE), Conference "Cinderella Syndrome & Sourcing"

MAY 2017

5-6 May, Bari (IT),  Workshop "Authentic Leadership & Ancient Psychology ™"
24 May, Skive (DK), Seminar for Danish Army "Authentic Leadership & Ancient Psychology ™"

31 May, Holstebro (DK), Keynote Speech "Authentic Leadership & Ancient Psychology ™"

JUNE 2017

29 June, Hamburg (DE), Conference "Finding your true Passion"

JULY 2017

29 July, Alba Julia (RO), Seminar "Leadership & Other Fairy Tales"

30 July, Cluj-Napoca (RO), Seminar "Point of No Return"


1 August, Copenhagen (DK), Seminar "Leadership & Other Fairy Tales"
4 August, Malmö (SE), Seminar "Point of No Return"
6 August, Göteborg (SE), Conference "Authentic Leadership & Ancient Psychology ™"
11 August, Bari (IT), Seminar "Point of No Return"

10 August, Lecce (IT), Seminar "Point of No Return"

October 2017

14-15 October, Hamburg (DE), Seminar "Authentic Leadership"




Ancient Psychology Seminar

"We are used to think that what we did in the Past makes our Present. 

If you start thinking instead, that your Future is writing your Present, your full life perspective will change..."

Nicola Gianluca Raimondi

Founder Ancient Psychology™

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